Technology that restores dignity in reduced mobility
Control Live

Technology that restores dignity in reduced mobility

Control Live

Control Live has established itself as a leading company in the field of assistance to people with reduced mobility and their dedicated caregivers thanks to its innovative product, V-Chair®. This amazing smart bed, which transforms into a chair, has sparked a true revolution in the way support is provided to this segment of the population.

Control Live, through V-Chair®, is radically transforming the way the care and attention of people with limited mobility is approached. His commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life is evident in every facet of his work.

Control Live is a company that is leaving a deep mark and making a significant contribution to the lives of those who need it most. On the other hand, the genesis of Control Live® is the result of a personal experience that changed the life of its founder. An accident led him to experience firsthand the challenges and difficulties faced by people with reduced mobility. During his recovery process in a specialized center, he witnessed the lack of autonomy, the physical and emotional dependence that these people suffer daily. This moving experience inspired him to take action and seek meaningful solutions. Thus was born the vision of Control Live®: to leverage technology and innovation to empower patients and their caregivers, transforming the daily lives of those who struggle with limited mobility.

Its meticulously and precisely designed robotic electric bed converts into a chair, providing a versatile solution that helps patients regain their autonomy and provides essential relief to their caregivers.

Technology that restores dignity in reduced mobility


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